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With roots deeply anchored in the wine region of Lodi, California, where a serendipitous combination of fertile soil and temperate climates culminate in one of the world’s most renowned wine making regions, Alexander Legacy Wines melds time-honored techniques with modern advances in high-quality wine production. We work together to relate four generations’ worth of wine making knowledge and cutting edge techniques with the passion for crafting expressively elegant wines.

Christopher Alexander immigrated to the United States and began his wine making legacy during the Prohibition of 1920, creating wines from the vineyards he worked, and storing them under the floor boards of his small Lodi farm home to sell to fellow wine enthusiasts. Christopher was succeeded by his son, Dennis, who inherited his father’s passion for wine making and commitment to excellence, continued the family legacy, and cultivated his craft as a wine maker and grape grower. Dennis later expanded the family operation and opened tasting rooms throughout California, including Lodi, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Young lady clipping grape vines.

Dennis’ son, Thomas Alexander, carried on the family legacy and created Essence Wines, utilizing the knowledge passed down to him while pulling from over 40 years’ experience working in the wine and grape industry. The fourth generation of Alexanders works with Thomas, learning and expanding their collective wine expertise as they continue the tradition of enthusiastic craftsmanship. Today, we still work and harvest from our own vineyards to retain our connection to our land and roots, while controlling the integrity of our generations’ long vineyards and world-class wines.